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3D random access two-photon imaging

This is a schematic demonstration of a 3D RAMP experiment. Initially a volume is acquired via a 3D raster scan over the field of view. After the volume is acquired, cells are selected by manually clicking in the center of those desired (visualized as black spheres). Then a 3D RAMP experiment is performed by hopping between the cells at fifty kilohertz to acquire the functional traces from all of the selected cells. This is visualized in the video by the yellow intensity of each cell in the movie. The activity is accelerated fourteen times for visualization. All the data displayed in this video (the volume data and fluorescent traces) are real data. Activity is accelerated by 10x for visualization purposes.


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3D Motion Tracking

This is a visualization of the movement inference algorithm. The left column shows the horizontal plane and the right column shows the vertical plane. The top row shows the green PMT channel and the bottom row shows the red PMT channel. During the movie, periods of visible movement can be observed. The output of the motion tracking algorithm (X,Y,Z coordinate) is overlaid as a yellow point on the movie. As the preparation moves, this yellow point moves with it, which indicates the motion-tracking algorithm correctly inferring the movement.

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